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NASA Video Tour of Altair Lander February 4, 2009

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NASA’s Constellation blog has an feature up where you can take a 360-degree tour of a concept rendering of the inside of the Altair lunar lander.

Check out the quick video in Windows Media Player here and in Realplayer here.

For more detailed video on the lander, embedded below is an educational video from NASA geared towards kids, but that is surprisingly interesting and informative in general about the Altair:

NASA Seeking Concept Proposals for Altair Lunar Lander January 28, 2009

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Today, NASA issued a release seeking concept proposals for their future lunar lander, the Altair.

Specifically, NASA is looking for “concept definition” and “requirements analysis support” for the lander that will carry four astronauts to the Moon “late in the next decade”. 

The proposal process has a pretty basic website with the various documents and parts of the process there in bare-bones presentation, with the best general explanation of the process found here.

Check out this neat official NASA animation from Youtube of the Altair landing at the primary proposed site for a moon base, Shackleton Crater:

NASA abandons accelerated Orion 2013 plan (News) August 12, 2008

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Yesterday, it was announced that NASA was abandoning its idea for an ambitious, accelerated launch of its next-gen Orion spacecraft, pushing back the date a year. While the announced launch date is March of 2015, they were hoping to get the craft up and launched as soon as 2013; now they are looking an an internal date of 2014 (with the ‘announced’ launch date still sitting pretty on 2015).

The Orion craft seats 4-6 astronauts (with the current Space Shuttle typically carrying 7), and is the craft planned to carry NASA’s astronauts to the Moon (with Orion being launched by the Ares rockets, subsequent to a seperate launch of the lunar lander, Altair; both craft have been spotlighted here recently). Meanwhile, other nations have their own equivalents brewing

Alt. Eagle June 5, 2008

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The Eagles are coming, the Eagles are coming!
-Bilbo Baggins, “The Hobbit”

The successor to the Apollo missions’ Eagle lander is the above: the Altair lander (christened as such last December). It’s named after the twelfth-brightest star in the sky, a star which is within the Aquila (‘Eagle’ in Latin) system.

First going into use in missions around 2019 (that’s only 11 years, folks), the Altair features neat little additions (compared to the Apollo modules) such as an airlock and a ‘food warmer‘ (woot for microwaves and their rough equivalents).

Fun fact: early rumors that the lander would be called Artemis (twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology) turned out to be false; though I’ll say, that’s an awfully cool name, and should by all means be used somewhere else (perhaps in exploration, as Artemis was the goddess of hills and forests) :)