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A Look at NASA’s Awesome Lunar Social Media Site—MyMoon! March 1, 2011

Posted by Nick Azer in : Luna C/I, MyMoon, social media , trackback

It’s time for a look at the NASA Lunar and Planetary Institute’s slick, energetic, and cutting-edge social media site: MyMoon!

Gritty, fun, and borderline spastic, the site is set up to serve as a fun destination for discussion of all things lunar.

An overview of the cornucopia of things up on the site:

It’s a fun place to explore, and it’s great to have a social spot for all things lunar—so check it out (and keep a tab on their blog for updates)!  The Moon’s a surprisingly personal thing to many people (“NASA is bombing the moon? WTF?!” was a common response to the LCROSS impact mission, especially as it caught fire on Twitter), so social moon destinations will be interesting places to track as this chapter in space develops…


1. Andy Shaner - March 1, 2011

Hi Nick! Thanks for blogging about MyMoon. We’re glad to have you as part of the community!