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Moon Confirmed to Have Earth-Like Core! January 8, 2011

Posted by Nick Azer in : interior composition , trackback

Recent research utilzing modern seismic analysis with Apollo-era data has confirmed that the Moon has an Earth-like core!

After years of speculation, this confirmation narrows down the potential scenarios that could have created the Moon—namely, ┬áthat the Moon was likely a fragment blasted off of old Earth.

The lunar core does differ, in that there’s also a partially-molten border layer there.

For more details, check out this Discovery News article; and for a great look at the formation of the Moon in general, see the pretty neat “Moon” episode of the History Channel series “The Universe”. The episode’s available over Netflix instant streaming, and even (for now…) on Youtube.

Once again, it’s shown how little we really know about the Moon to this point (confirmation only coming 40 years after Apollo). It’s full of surprises, and its overall composition should prove an important force into what moon colonization happens where.


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