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Even More Moon Water Found! Apollo 17 Orange Soil Adds Wrinkle to Moon Origin Theories May 31, 2011

Posted by Nick Azer in : Apollo, water , trackback

A new study of the famous orange soil from Apollo 17 shows that the Moon’s interior holds even more water than previously thought…and that our current lunar origin theories are holding a little less.

The rather chance discovery came from a look at pockets within crystals found on the lunar surface. Using new tech, researchers realized this ancient magma was as wet as Earth’s mantle—challenging how exactly the Moon formed, and where it gets its water.

This is similar, but not the same, as an earlier big water discovery involving crystals.

Over just the past couple of years,  these water discoveries have been getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

Here’s a quick timeline:

From mare to shining mare, the Moon has proven to have not just water, but some downright substantial sources of it…which will prove handy, for fuel, radiation shielding, and a cool drink. The Moon’s prospects as a station for mankind just keep on getting better :)


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