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Land Follow Up: Purchasing Bologna May 16, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in : eminent domain, lunar land, Lunar Land Ownership, space law , trackback

At the end of the previous post, I came across Moon land for sale at, in theory, the only ‘legitmate’ seller of Moon real estate among many, many competitors.

A little investigation suggests the whole concept may be moot due to the vagueness of the relevant space law in the first place, and the potential for that to basically change suddenly and render any deeds (even the ‘legitimate’ ones that weren’t ridiculous in the first place) meaningless.

So, with apologies to Ellen Degeneres, purchasing moon land at the moment may not be the greatest idea, at least until the related laws get settled more definitively (it would probably suck to buy up moon land, only to have it taken through eminent domain or, say, Chinese/Russian/Japanese/Indian/European invasion or occupation).

At the very least, though, the Martians are still selling.


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