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Griffin 'Strife' Report Update December 14, 2008

Posted by Nick Azer in : Current News, NASA, Obama , trackback

An update on my last post about the OrlandoSentinel.com blog reporting strife between NASA’s administrator Mike Griffin and the Obama space transition team, via Space.com:

“Today, Griffin replied, calling the charges “simply wrong.”

“I am appalled by any accusations of intimidation, and encourage a free and open exchange of information with the contractor community,” Griffin said. “I would like to reiterate what I have stated in a previous email to all NASA Officials: we must make every effort to ‘lean forward,’ to answer questions promptly, openly and accurately.””
-“NASA Chief ‘Appalled’ By Accusations He’s Not Cooperating with Obama’s Team “, Space.com Staff

For more info on Obama’s space transition team, check out the official transition site, Change.gov.


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